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Answers for Your Questions

Mrs. April Carter
Mrs. April Carter

Who? What? When? Where?

Why does my school have a counselor?

The counselor is here to help me to get along with other boys and girls, to feel good about myself, and to help me do my best in school. She wants me to be able to:

  • learn skills, such as getting along well with others
  • learn more about myself and others as special people
  • learn to manage my time wisely
  • learn to solve my own problems

When may I see the guidance counselor?

· When my class or small group has a guidance activity

· When my teacher asks us to work together

· When my parents request that the counselor work with me

· When the counselor invites me

· When I ask to visit the counselor


What will my counselor do?

She will listen to me when I . . .

· Feel angry, sad, afraid, or just want someone to listen

· Have problems focusing on my school work

· Want to talk about my future plans regarding when I grow up

· Just need a friend






The purpose of the Johnson Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive counseling and guidance program which meets the needs of all students through guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support.  The goals and competencies include: knowledge of self and others, educational and vocational development, career planning and exploration.

Our counseling program is designed to serve the needs of all K-5 children at each stage of their development.  As a result of social pressures and changes, children bring many issues and concerns to school with them.  A troubled child may experience difficulties in learning.  Counseling at the elementary level promotes developmental and preventive measures which help the children to have success in school.  Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions that will help them function better at school and at home.

Which House Do You Live In?

"I Got Two A's" the small boy said

His voice was filled with glee

His father very bluntly asked,

"Why didn't you get three?"



"Mom, I've got the dishes done",

The girl called from the door.

Her mother very calmly asked

"Did you sweep the floor?"



"I mowed the grass", the tall boy said,

"And put the mower away".

His father asked him with a shrug,

"Did you clean off the clay?"



The children in the house next door

Seemed happy and content.

The same things happened over there,

But this is how it went.



"I got two A's" the small boy said.

His voice was filled with glee.

His father proudly said, "That's great,

I'm glad you belong to me!"



"Mom, I've got the dishes done,"

The girl called from the door.

Her mother smiled and softly said,

"Each day I love you more."



"I mowed the grass," the tall boy said,

"And put the mower away."

His father answered with much joy,

"You sure have made my day"!



 Children deserve praise

For the tasks they're asked to do.

If they're to lead happy lives,

so much depends on you.

Please feel free to call if I can be of assistance to your child or you.