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The Johnson Elementary National Junior Beta Club

Junior BETA Logo
Junior BETA Logo

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What is the National Junior Beta Club?

A non-profit, leadership-service club for grades five through nine whose purpose is to encourage effort and reward merit, and to promote those qualities of character that make for good citizenship.


Beta Club students must have and maintain an 88 average when all academic subjects are averaged together for each grading period. A student will be on probation for the rest of the semester if his or her grades fall below an 88 average. The student will remain out of the club if his or her grades are not raised to an 88 average during the next grading period.


The Beta Club participates in several activities and service projects throughout the year. We begin the year with an induction ceremony for new members. Students receive their Certificates of Membership and Membership Pins at this time. The ceremony if followed by refreshments for the Beta Club members.

The Beta Club sponsors an activity at the annual Harvest Festival. It has been the Silent Auction for the past few years.

During the Holiday Season we sponsor a needy child, family, or elderly person with clothes, food, toys, toiletries, etc. This helps to teach our members about charity and the importance of helping others.

We sell Shamrocks for the Muscular Dystrophy Association during March. All proceeds help the MDA provide for children stricken with muscular dystrophy.

We honor our Beta Club members in May at the 5th grade awards program. Each member receives a certificate and medallion.

Junior Beta Pledge

I hereby declare that I shall always strive

To be honest and truthful at all times

To maintain a creditable scholastic record

To be of service to my teachers and fellowmen

To conduct myself in a manner to reflect credit upon my school and community