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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Please share potentially harmful information with us!
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The Limestone County School District in conjunction with is providing a way for you to share potentially harmful information with school officials.  Tips may include, but are not limited to: Bullying, Drug Activity, Gang Activity, Sexting, Internet Harassment, Child Abuse, suspicious or illegal activity, or other school related problems.  Informers can be confident that they are protected from being identified.  


To send a tip:

Go to

Click Send Tips

Choose an Agency Type:  Choose Educational

Choose a State:  AL

Choose a City:  Athens

Choose the Agency:  Limestone County School District

Incident/Issue Being Reported:  Make a choice that best describes the incident/situation (Suicide Threat, Weapons, Drugs, Fighting, Theft, Vandalism, other, etc.)

Connection to Incident:  Make a choice that best describes you or your role.  (Victim, Witness, Parent, etc.)


A box will appear for you to type all information needed.  Above the box, it reminds you to give names, dates, times and any other detail that will help school officials investigate the issue.  


Click the box that you agree to the terms of

Click Submit


Upon submission, this information will be sent to the Limestone County Board of Education.  With your help, Limestone County Schools will continue to provide a safe learning environment.